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Surf Coast

For runners, there is a myriad of inspiring runs to enjoy, on road, track and trail. In fact, we reckon that if you’re happy to forgo serious mountain missions, the Surf Coast offers some of the best trails for singletrack connoisseurs.

Of course, when you’re done running, the beauty of it is that there’s so much more to explore – waterfall walks, art houses, sensational culinary experiences, wineries, farm gate produce, micro-breweries, and of course plenty of wild beach landscapes to take in plus the Great Ocean Road. So stay the weekend, and explore.

Plan your journey, check out the destinations and find your accommodation for the weekend:

Torquay: www.iamtorquay.com.au
Anglesea: www.angleseaadventure.com.au
Aireys Inlet: aireysinlet.org.au

Great Ocean Road (Surf Coast): www.greatoceanroad.org.au

Need information on how to get to the Surf Coast. Check here: Travel 

For runners in particular, the Surf Coast offers endless options and plenty of running events throughout the year. Check them out here: Surf Coast Events

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Download a free map from www.surfcoastwalk.com.au to plan your next training session on the spectacular, easily accessed trails.


To ensure you get the most from your stay on the spectacular Surf Coast, drop into the picturesque Anglesea Visitor Centre conveniently located on the bank of the Anglesea River, opposite Old Maid’s Cafe. angleseaadventure.com.au


Or, or head to the Torquay Visitor Centre located at Surf City Plaza, Beach Road, Torquay.
Open 9am to 5pm 7 days a week (except Christmas day).
P: 1300 614 219

For assistance with planning your visit to Torquay and to ensure you get the most from your stay on the spectacular Surf Coast, drop into the Torquay Visitor Centre  (open 9am to 5pm 7 days a week except Christmas day), call 1300 614 219  or go to www.iamtorquay.com.au